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When Desi Wife Needed Cash, I Made Her Pay with Her Pleasure Desi wife, Priya, was in a bind. She needed cash fast and I was more than willing to help her out. But my help came with a price. I wanted her to pay with her pleasure. As we sat in my office, I could see the desperation in her eyes. She needed the money for her brother's medical bills and I knew she would do anything to get it. I offered her a deal - she could work for me as my personal assistant and in return, I would give her the money she needed. But the job came with a twist. I wanted her to fulfill my sexual desires whenever I wanted. At first, she was hesitant, but the thought of her brother's well-being pushed her to agree. From that day on, our office turned into a playground for our secret rendezvous. Our sexual tension was palpable as we worked side by side. And when the doors were closed, we couldn't resist each other any longer. Our lesbian office sex was wild and passionate. We explored each other's bodies, fulfilling each other's fantasies. And as we reached new heights of pleasure, I knew that Priya was enjoying every moment of it. Our sexvidvos were our little secret, hidden from the world. But it was our way of helping each other out. And as we continued our arrangement, our bond grew stronger, both in and out of the office. In the end, Priya's brother's medical bills were paid off and our desires were fulfilled. It was a win-win situation for both of us. And as we continued to work together, our relationship evolved into something more than just a business deal.
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